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Pyramid Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing: Finding the Right Product to Market

February 28th 2007 18:41
I have had my share of negative insights as far as pyramid marketing in the Philippine is concerned. The point is, some people abuse the beauty of it. Some even build multi-level marketing just for the sake of earning, leaving out the best part that catches the fancy of most people, the product being marketed.

Ateneo BRAND Management
Ateneo Brand Management
It is true that I have turned my back on such a scheme, for the reason that most people only want to earn from their down lines and referrals rather than actually understanding the business. Such pyramiding businesses as First Quadrant, Forever Living, and some computer things that showed outrageous ways of earning millions, most of which by the way I don’t really buy since I found out that they are all fabricated presentations just to catch the uneducated businessman of what he can expect. Sad but true, people are only into pyramiding in the business because they think they can earn millions. The people behind it wouldn’t really care. It’s the money that counts and not the business. But look at where most of them are now. They vanished as quickly as they existed. That alone is reason enough to believe that these businesses are non-sense.

Tonight, a former colleague of mine invited me for a business meeting of sorts. While I already had that inkling feeling of a new pyramiding scheme, the other people who were there before me already knew I would not go. Knowing me for over the years, the word pyramid marketing itself is something I don’t believe in. But apparently, this was an exception. Why? Because I found the product to be marketed a good scheme. The business is Load Extreme, a prepaid loading business where text messaging and prepaid loading is popular in the Philippines today. Dealership was being offered, while I found it interesting, I still reserved some for study, something I have inherited from analyzing businesses from my MBA days.

The deal was truly tempting. Comparing my own reception to the good old days I would have immediately bit the opportunity. But regardless, I still want to study my options. The difference with my interest here now is that the product and schematics make sense. There is not question that it has promise, as long as the business is understood and not the earnings. The presentation was simple but one thing I observed it still stressed a lot on earnings rather than the business itself. I knew these people had in mind is that I am no easy person to convince, something that even my colleague knew from the start, so they had reservations as well. When I started talking, I was convinced at how they were presenting, but there are still flaws needed to be answered. The concept is good, but somewhere in my mind, there is something that still needs answering. Sad to say, this is what multi-level marketing has instilled in me, and it still takes a lot to get my vote of confidence to acceptable levels.

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